One player down, DELL steps out


Today we were surprised by the news that DELL stopped selling vWorkspace, the news came through an article at If you’re interested in the article you can read it here – article – Let me share my thought on this.

As you might remember Dell bought EMC a while ago, it was October 12th I think when we heard that. That day was perhaps the day that marked the end of vWorkspace. For years already vWorkspace had to battle Citrix and VMware, not that they couldn’t do what was needed but they were the other vendor doing also something like VDI.

With the acquisition of EMC by Dell came the promise of Dell that they would leave VMware alone, VMware will continue to be a separately publicly traded company were the exact words, where as EMC will go private and be part of Dell.

What does all this have to do with vWorkspace?

Perhaps you noticed that VMware did work pretty hard on building a EUC stack over the past years, they acquired multiple companies to grow a billion dollar business around EUC. One of the last acquisitions was Immidio which gave them VMware UEM, a User Environment Management solution that can compete with the major ones in the market.

When Dell bought EMC they had a problem, they now had two UEM solutions to sell. (leaving persona management out of the picture).

No company will sell two similar products for long, business doesn’t allow to develop multiple products next to each other. That is spending money twice without have the guarantee that you will earn something. So they had to make a decision, drop vWorkspace or drop VMware UEM.

With VMware having built a billion dollar EUC stack that wasn’t gonna happen, vWorkspace was not nearly close to being that successful so the choice was easy. In the wake of the acquisition vWorkspace was the first victim to fall in favour of VMware UEM and EUC stack they created.

Is it a good move from Dell?

I think looking at the whole picture it’s a move they had to make, of course it’s a bad day for everyone working there but you can’t keep two products alive like this. Hopefully they be reassigned internally, the billion dollar business isn’t going away anytime soon.

Interested what Dell was doing in the UEM market until now, read the UEM smackdown here – PDF


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