VMware EUC Champion 2016

About a year and a half ago we had a meeting at VMworld, VMware was looking for setting up a program to copy MVP/CTP.

I was invited to attend that meeting and there we talked to Kit Colbert and some others about VMware’s vision and so on. That meeting evolved eventually into the VMware EUC Champion group announced today. Before this group had no official name and internally we called it the influencer group but as VMware got more serious with it a official name was chosen.

What do we do?

It’s not a echo chamber, we are not there to show our love for VMware.. of course when cool stuff is released I’ll be the first to say they did a great job.¬†We see products pretty early in the release proces, we hear about ideas and projects they work on and we give feedback. That feedback is needed to make sure the products are improved. Meetings, online or at VMworld are mostly discussions on how to improve a product and what is not working as it should.

I think these meetings have been very valuable, I enjoy the meetings a lot and I think we get through to them.. We get good feedback as well in those meetings and through e-mail.


I’ve been a member since the start, a founding member and I’m proud to be in the team. Is the group a closed group? hell no, other “champions” can sign up at the VMware blog is a listing of the requirements. One new member, @svenh, has been accepted through my recommendation. Not all get in, the would make it a second vExpert group.

I’m looking forward to working with the new guys and have great meeting. If you have issues or ideas about VMware EUC solutions, relay them through one of the group and we’ll make sure they are mentioned.


Want to read more, here is the link.


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