VMware Horizon 7 – announcement – part II

In the first part of the article I wrote about cloud pod architecture, SSO and access point. In this article I briefly want to address the other announcements.

AMD Multiuser support with vDGA

First one to talk about is the enhanced with AMD hardware for VMware Horizon view environments. With Horizon 7 comes the support for multiuser solution based om AMD hardware.  it is based on SR-IOV technology and supported with the following graphics cards;
  • S7100X
  • S7150
  • S7150X2
There is native AMD driver support for OpenGL, DirectX and OpenCL acceleration. Because it’s native it delivers a better performance.
With these additions you can split a graphics card depending on your use case in larger or smaller pieces, up to 15 users can benefit from a graphics card. That number can go down as your use case requires to one or two users per card just like you’re used to with the NVIDIA cards.

Intel vDGA support with Intel Xeon X3

Graphics support with Intel Xeon X3 processors is added in Horizon 7, the Iris Pro GPU are now within reach. up to three monitors per user are supported when using Intel Xeon processors with Iris Pro GPU. The use case is from workstation to engineering use.
It’s based on the Intel graphics virtualisation technique (GVT-d).

Flash redirection

VMware Horizon 7 bring Flash redirection in tech preview, Flash redirection is the ability to  use the client to render the Flash content. The content is still fetched server-side and sent to the client. This is a major difference to what Citrix was offering where they would give the possibility to get the content by the client.
The content server-side fetch is something they need to work on, content needs to be fetched client-side to make it really useful.

Improved printing

Printing is improved so that it is 4 times faster… that’s all they have to say about that.
Funny to think about it, my whole career of 23 years in IT, is about speeding up and enhancing printing. first with Citrix and now with VMware. Printing is important.

Scanner and serial redirection

We got several local government customers and they have those desks we have to go to for a new driver license and so on. You all know how that works, you got those desks also. Those desks are equipped with scanners, finger print scanners and card readers. Most equipment was designed when Napoleon roamed our streets, old.
To support that equipment you need to support serial ports for instance. with Horizon 7 this is now also possible running Microsoft Windows 10.
Both TWAIN and WIA standard are supported.

URL Content redirection

The last thing to mention is URL content redirection where you as an administrator can set policies to determine where a url is opened.
Internal websites can be viewed in the VDI desktop and certain external website that you don’t want to run inside the desktop (performance perhaps) can be ran on the endpoint.
It’s not clear at this point where the fetching takes place.

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