VMware Horizon View 7 – Blast Extreme

One of the biggest announcement of VMware, next to Instant clones, for me personal is Blast Extreme. When they first announced Blast it was a nice feature but nothing great, features were lacking and usability therefore was limited.
Rumours where going around that VMware was going to give Blast a bigger podium. With the Horizon 7 announcement this has become reality.

Blast Extreme

Blast Extreme brings a lot of features that were missing in the earlier versions. some of them are
  • Grid optimized
  • Better battery life
  • built for the Cloud

 Feature parity

I think that one of the major things bout this release is that there is feature parity between both VMware protocols. I’m still a bit skeptical about this for it’s a huge step if they manage to offer us that.
Blast and PCoIP wil do port sharing, it will help you so that you don’t have to open too many ports on the firewalls.
In my opinion VMware is moving towards deprecating PCoIP with this move. Once we all use Blast and why wouldn’t we, there is no reason to keep developing PCoIP which is not owned by VMware but on some sort of lease from Terradici. The current PCoIP protocol is not like the one developed by them.

GRID optimized

Blast Extreme is GRID optimised which means you can use Blast and GRID cards.  There is support for the NVIDIA K1, 2, M6, 60 cards. It leverages the H.264 encoder option for best performance even on low resource endpoints.  It wil deliver up to 4K resolution to workstations.

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