VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies

Yesterday and today VMware announced Horizon 7, Horizon 7 includes User Environment Manager 9 (UEM9). with UEM 9 comes the ability to manager PCoIP policies, which is awesome for you can manage the with the user context in mind.
Below is the screenshot of that feature.
My co-worker @svenH called me this morning and asked me a tribal question. Where are they stored?
As you might remember, in Horizon view these policies where set as local machine, you could apply the on-the-fly but still local machine.
Local machine is cool on a VDI desktop but once you move towards an RDSH host with multiple users, how would you apply the policies based on their context if everyones context is different. There is only one local machine, now is there.
The good news is, the team that developed these features in UEM are the sweetest, the best you can find, they changed the location.
The UEM exposed Horizon View PCoIP policies are now current user located enabling context aware policies driven from within UEM.
This is a major change and has huge impact on deployment. Cool stuff I have to say 🙂

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