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Today I took the VMware VCP7-DTM exam, my VCP was due for renewal and to make sure it wouldn’t expire I had to do an exam. I’m working in the EUC corner of IT so I VCP7-DTMchose VCP7-DTM the desktop and mobility exam. I thought it might be a good idea to give you an insight in what I used to prepare myself for this exam, I won’t give you any question they asked but guidelines so that if you prepare like that you will pass.


The exam consists of 76 questions and if you are native English you get 2 hours. I’m not native English so I got 155 minutes or 2,5 hours.

I finished the exam in about an hour, no need to dwell on question you wonder about, I went through all of them twice and marked the once I wondered about. At some point you just take a decision and move on, either you know it, you doubt between answers or you don’t know the answer.

The Exam guide is found here : Learning guide VMware


The Topics for the VMware VCP7-DTM exam are;

  • VMware Horizon View
  • VMware Mirage
  • VMware Identity manager
  • VMware AppVolumes 2.x (in the learning guide it says 3.x but the question were about 2.x)
  • VMware vRealize Operations manager
  • VMware User Environment Manager

So that combined with all the components you can add you have a large exam that ranges many topics. While reading and learning (working with VMware for ages but I still learn things as I don’t encounter all components every day) I realized questions could be about too many topics to comprehend.

What to focus on?

So if you are ready to start learning make sure you focus on the following topics;

  • Integration of VMware Horizon View and the components
    • Communications
    • Troubleshooting desktop pool deployments
    • Security
    • Requirements
  • VMware Mirage
    • Base and App Layer management – broadest way you can think of.
    • Management options in the console
    • Requirements
  • VMware Identity Manager
    • Integration with ….
    • Communication
    • Management of Identity manager
  • VMware AppVolumes
    • Layer management
    • Layer options
    • Requirements
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager
    • Integration with Horizon view
    • Troubleshooting
  • VMware User Environment Management
    • Working with the console
    • Basic working of the product
    • Learn how to do basic things from the console

This all sounds like a no-brainer but these are the topics my question were about… so not that difficult but a lot and if you are not working in the console daily you can’t always remember exactly where things are hidden. practice makes perfect they say so practice before you go for this exam. Requirements of products is always a returning topic, not sure why we have to remember that, got a browser for that). Licensing is also a topic but got only one question about that.


I used the following resources, there a a number of labs you can use. I didn’t do any Horizon labs as that is something I can dream (I thought) but Mirage for instance is not that common for me. The main one is VMware Hands on Labs, this is the best environment to feel and learn a product. I recommend this to everyone for a long time already but really if you want to come prepared do the labs.

and that’s it… if you read all that and do the labs you will pass easily… VMware VCP7-DTM will be in da pocket.


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  1. Thanks for the info. I’m a little confused by Section 7 in the exam guide which is titled ‘Configure vRealize Operations for Horizon’ but has only one sub-section titled ‘Manage VMware Workspace Portal’ which contains entries just for vROPs for Horizon? Isn’t Identity Manager the follow on from Workspace portal? Is this a mistake?

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