What if… What if I want to shadow you, watch you ​computer screen without you knowing?

There is a functionality that comes with Microsoft Terminal Server Connection Client, the one we all know as MSTSC, that will surprise some of you. MSTSC has functionality, it has been there for a while, that is allowing admins to shadow a session. That sounds amazing, right? That sounds like something Citrix does as well. …
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Monitoring Citrix – a vendor overview

Monitoring availability, performance and uptime. Topics that are utmost important in 2019 for any organisation. Citrix is one of most used solutions providing end users access to applications, desktops or data. To ensure the availability, performance and uptime monitoring is required. There are numerous products on the market to monitor a Citrix environment. In this …
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Legacy apps, traditional apps – The box of Pandora is open

Buzzwords, society is filled with them. Buzzwords can cause confusion as not everyone agrees or understands them. I too use buzzwords. Often because they are handy with a 280 character limit on Twitter. I was caught in a discussion after tweeting that I hoped legacy apps will die out soon. I triggered a discussion by using …
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The year(s) of VDI, DaaS, IoT, AI, ML, Women in IT or…..

“The year of” nominations are a yearly hot topic. VDI has been named for several years but did it get chosen? What was the hottest topic in 2018 at conferences and what will 2019 be the year of? Want to find out more, read my short article about this.