With Microsoft talking about OMS (Operations Management Suite) people are assuming it is a competing product against Microsoft SCOM. Microsoft SCOM has been around for several years and is the backbone of Microsoft’s monitoring solution. At conferences Microsoft OMS is presented as the replacement of Microsoft SCOM (or is that just what people hear) but that would simplify the world to much. Savision, a monitoring solution that offers extra needed functionality to Microsoft SCOM has written a e-book together with industry MVP’s about OMS and SCOM. I stumbled upon the e-book just now and think it is a good read for anyone in the business with Microsoft SCOM solutions in place looking at OMS.

e-bookThe book is written to answer the five most asked questions. The book is written together with two MVP’s who are expert in this field. The questions asked in the free e-book are;

  1. What is OMS?
  2. Is OMS replacing System Center?
  3. What are the main differences between SCOM and OMS?
  4. Do you still need SCOM?
  5. How can I get better insights from SCOM + OMS?

e-bookAll of these questions are very viable question that many customers are asking. Microsoft is eager to create an image of OMS but perhaps that image is not painting the full picture. Read the free e-book and learn the differences and how to work together.

Find the link to download the e-book ( a little registration is needed) right here – Savsion / e-book: top 5 SCOM and OMS questions

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