Securing the Workspace Part 2: A few security basics for your Workspace

Security is a chess game, we on one side and the bad guys on the other. In my previous Workspace related article I discussed whether we should chase bad or ensure good. In this blog I’d like to get a bit deeper with the options we have to ensure good. Like I also mentioned in …
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Sandboxing to protect against malware & fake artefacts to stop threats

Sandboxing to protect against malware &¬†fake artefacts to stop threats I was researching for some new blogs to write, time is limited these days with some serious projects that take all my time, but one article from McAfee stood out. I’ve been focussing more on security lately as I think next to real monitoring security …
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Ransomware, part 3: Make a security plan

Ransomware, part3: make a security plan I have to say this is some rewarding article series, since I write part 2 I’ve spoken to so many people about this. Everybody knows someone or some company that had issues with ransomware. Everybody is wondering how to control ransomware, what tools are there to help us, who …
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Ransomware – part 2: who are out there?

Ransomware – part 2: who are out there? In my last article I wrote about ransomware and why you should look out for them, read the article here – link – , in this article I will zoom in on the active ones and what they do to become active. Of course it is never …
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The fight against Ransomware, who is there to help?

The fight against Ransomware, who is there to help? One of the biggest threads in our current IT environment is one that we find hard to cope with. IT organisations around the world struggle to keep infections small and are looking for solutions to stop it before the infections take place. In my job as …
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