Citrix Studio fails to start

Last day of a project finishing the last small points on a list, I noticed that some servers where down.. I hadn’t been around for a couple of days so not my job. So first thing you do is open Citrix Studio to see if they are in maintenance mode. Well that was what I thought I’d do, studio refused to open giving an error about storefront services and environment services not configured or found.
Looking in the event viewer I noticed the following, there was an error communicating.

A little background is needed at this point. A few weeks ago we migrated this environment from a single SQL database to a mirrored one. Besides the errors and order that is unknown of the commands to enter all went well. After a hour or so the mirror was active and the Citrix environment was migrated.

This has been like that since then, nobody changed anything (nobody I know of at least).
So when Studio didn’t start I had that creepy feeling one of the services was talking to a single SQL instead of the mirror.. and boy was I right.

In the registry at HKLMSoftwareCitrixXDServices you find all the services that talk to the database.
  • Datastore
  • ConfigLoggingSiteSchema
  • ConfigurationSchema
  • DAS
  • DesktopUpdateManagerSchema
  • EntTestServiceSchema
  • HostingUnitServiceSchema
  • Monitor
  • StoreFrontSchema
There a different ones depending on your environment.
Under each of these key there is a connection key that hold the connection string.
The string looks like this:
Data source= ; Initial Catalog=; Integrated Security=;Network=dmbssocn
For a mirrored environment it looks just a bit different;
Data source= ; Failover Partner= Initial Catalog=; Integrated Security=;Network=dmssocn
And guess what at two services mentioned before the string was for a single connection and not for our mirrored one.
So I changed the string and restarted the services… All issues were resolved.

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