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Boy have I been overdue with this blog, I’m sure it is over a month that I gotten the information about an upcoming change with eG Enterprise. At first I couldn’t share the information, NDA and so on, but after that ship sailed I kind got busy with other things…
Today I got a question about eG and possibilities there, so I logged on and bam I got hit in the face with the new features… So here it is the long long over due article about eG innovations.

eG Innovations

First a quick introduction for those not familiar with eG. eG Innovations brings to the market a end-to-end monitoring product. Their solutions shows severity of issues in relation to other components in a layered model. Read my previous blog to learn more, one of them is found here.

Version 6.1

So let’s see what version 6.1 brings you for Citrix improvements, I think you like it.
There are several new features;
  • Deep visibility into the Citrix logon process
  • Application launch monitoring
  • Frame hawk monitoring
  • GPU monitoring
  • Monitor latency to user end point
  • Integration with Netscaler HDX insight
  • Monitoring Netscaler sessions
  • Monitor Netscalers by syslog
  • Monitor XenMobile v10
  • Real user monitoring for Web applications
There are more enhancements in version 6.1 but let me write about that in another blog and keep this Citrix focused.

Logon process

Back in the Citrix Edgesight days we had that cool report, with the Enterprise license, that showed the breakdown of the user logon process. In Citrix Director those metrics are also available per user grouped in the console for the last three sessions.
Citrix director gives a nice basic overview but nothing like that cool Edgesight report. With version 6.1, eG Enterprise is showing all those cool metrics that you once had in the report.
There are three main areas that are interesting;
  • High level logon process information
  • Client side startup times
  • Server side startup time
The high level logon process information will show you exactly what Citrix Director is also showing, that is the logon duration in total, the profile load, the group policy processing duration and the logon script execution duration.
It show enough for basic troubleshooting but sometime you want more.
If you want more we look at the different metrics like the Client start-up metrics.
how long did it take for the ICA file to download to the client, how long did it take for the client to load the Citrix storefront page, Is you DNS name resolution having issues.
That kind of data is valuable, every week I have a meeting with customer where they are how can we monitor from the client to the server so that we can solve issues a employee has.
If the client side is load fast and there are no issues there perhaps the server side is having issues. So metrics like how long did it take to pass credentials or how long did it take to create printers… those are metrics that will give you insight in what is happening.

Application launch

Sometimes logon is fine everything works fine but the user is complaining that it takes ages to get a desktop. What we see often is that users automatically start applications at logon and what if those applications are slow to load, that would slow down your perception of the desktop logon process. So we need to dive into that.
Per application you will see the average time it took to launch the application and the maximum time it does. Of course you can see these numbers also in reports and so on.
So troubleshooting will show you information over time and you can find out whether it was a one time hick up or something that is building up over time.


Citrix bought Framehawk a while back and for certain use cases Framehawk is a solution. The New version of eG now has next to the default Citrix monitoring a new section dedicated to Framehawk monitoring, so can see the Framerate, network bandwidth, latency and network loss. The last one is very interesting working with Framehawk for that would prove it’s doing it’s job.

GPU Monitoring

The boys of eG have been busy it seems, the also added GPU monitoring to the new version.  So now you can monitor the GPU in a host, XenServer and vSphere, not he host itself or at the vm where you add the GPU.
This will help you solve issues and see if there are enough GPU resources available for your virtual machines and for your users.
There even is a dashboard you can create that show the top GPU users and so on, you can drill down to that top GPU user and see what the heck he is doing right there. All together this gives a big insight in your Citrix environment I think.
Now on to some of the small announcement.
  • Monitor latency to user end point
  • Integration with Netscaler HDX insight
  • Monitoring Netscaler sessions
  • Monitor Netscalers by syslog
  • Monitor XenMobile v10
  • Real user monitoring for Web applications

Monitor latency to the user end point

When looking at latency the issue always is whether it is a client side issue or a network issue. Users working on remote location will always be caught up with IT guys saying you Internet provider connection is slow or crappy that’s why the session is bad.
Now you can compare the screen refresh latency to the network latency and see if they align, more data to build you opinion on and more triggers to give alerts to show something is going wrong.

Integration with Netscaler insight

In version 6.1, perhaps not such a small announcement, also the integration with Netscaler HDX insight is there. This broaden and deepens you visibility in the Citrix session of a user.
when you setup a end to end visibility now you have the visibility from one console all adding up for you to monitor, Much more user friendly than the Citrix Director console is offering.
There are more cool metrics to show there but that’s for you to find out. Version 6.1 also offers to monitor the syslog of the Netscalers so that next to the user session details you will also see the details of the Netscaler device itself and how it is preforming.

XenMobile 10

Version 6.1 is offering increased support for monitoring Citrix XenMobile 10. what is offered in version 6.1:
  • Availability of the XenMobile server
  • Responsiveness of the server
  • Login failures
  • Suspicious login attempts
  • Device load of the Xenmobile server
  • Status of devices
  • Devices hosting blacklisted applications
  • Jail-broken devices
  • Perimeter breaching devices
  • out of of compliant devices
It’s a vast list of enhancements for XenMobile 10 in eG Enterprise version 6.1. Hope this will also come for other vendors like AirWatch.
Last but not least, Real user monitoring for web applications.

Real user monitoring for web applications

eG used to have an emulated monitoring solution where you can create a flow to start an app and do things there. That would give you an insight in how transactions etc. would run and you could see if there were delays.
Now they bring to market real user monitoring, They monitor where users connect from, how long certain actions take and will report that in a nice dashboard.
If you are in web apps business or your company expands several countries this might be very handy even for a Citrix environment alone. You can now see which users from which countries or cities are having load issues and where you traffic is coming from.
I hope this quick overview of version 6.1 of eG innovation Enterprise gives a nice insight in what they offer today, visit them at to find out more.
Look out for my next blog about the new version of ControlUP another cool monitoring product and did you read up already about all the VMware Horizon 7 announcements I made earlier?? Good times ahead when all these vendors keep adding the good stuff to their products 🙂

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