Helpdesk functionality added to VMware Horizon 7.2

In the management console of VMware Horizon we missed some features. One of the features was the ability to support the user. Administrator who deploy desktops or want to manage the environment from a technical point of view can use this console. Citrix has been working hard on their support or helpdesk consoles since the release of the 7 version. VMware was running behind and it is good to notice they are releasing the helpdesk functionality in Horizon 7. In this blog I wil show the details of the helpdesk functionality.

Helpdesk / servicedesk / support

When issues occur in a virtual environment user are impacted. We can’t design an environment without ever having an issue, marketing might want you to believe that but we can’t. When issue occur we looked that the matter from a technical point of view. If we deployed UEM as well we worked with that console to resolve user issues. The console did not report latency issues or CPU load, making it hard to help users.

VMware’s offering

In the next release VMware will offer the helpdesk functionality integrated with VMware Horizon 7, there is no extra install for this as it will work straight out of the box. The helpdesk feature will be available for the Horizon Enterprise and Horizon Apps Advanced edition. The standard license, sold here often, will not have a helpdesk option. I hope the rethink that decision. you can localize the console to all the languages VMware Horizon supports.


  • VMware Horizon 7 VDI
  • VMware Horizon 7 RDSH
  • VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise edition
  • VMware Horizon 7 Apps advanced edition

There will be a real time (5 seconds) CPU load, memory load and latency measuring option available for direct assistance. looking back in time will be available for 15 minutes. This means it is a real helpdesk tool and not a monitoring tool. VMware offers vROps to monitor and there are several third party tools out there (look to your left and right for my sponsors) to help you out.


The console will offer a fast user, session search option and this will include the ability to look across the Cloud architecture. After you find the session you have the ability to see several metrics of that session.



There are other options, you can look at the desktop entitlements or the application entitlements. in our lab we don’t have any application entitlements but if you do the third tab would be interesting.

Metrics to be found in the dashboards are;

Session details:

  • CPU load
  • Memory usage,
  • Latency,
  • Transmitted bandwidth,
  • Packet Loss (PCoIP),
  • Protocol used (Blast, RDP or PCoIP),
  • Session start time
  • Session duration,
  • Logon breakdown

Client details:

  • Client name,
  • Username,
  • IP address,
  • Operating system

Machine details:

  • Computer name,
  • IP address,
  • Agent version,
  • Pool/Farm membership,
  • Pod membership,
  • vCenter name

Next to the metrics you see in the dashboard you will have the ability to manage the desktop or session as well. The management options you have are;

Desktop actions:

  • Send Message,
  • Remote Assistent (MS),
  • Restart,
  • Reset (hard),
  • Disconnect,
  • Log-off & Shutdown

And last but not least all the metrics are stored at the virtual desktop and will require about 20MB of space. So no new database but a new offering in the console that was much needed. Hope this gave you some insight and when there is more news, you’ll be the first to know.

Overall a useful tool, pity that on-premises Horizon customers will have a new console next to the one they already have.

4 thought on “Helpdesk functionality added to VMware Horizon 7.2”
  1. What are the minimum Horizon Administrator permissions needed to use the Help Desk tool? Do you have to be a full administrator?

    1. Hi,

      Seems you do, I was looking myself if there was a specific role but there is none.
      Documentation says that the user needs to have the administrator role.
      It’s a pity that they didn’t create a new role or multiple so you can decide what someone is allowed to do.
      Now when they are administrator (in the role) they can reset or shutdown vm’s. Not sure a service desk should be able to do so.

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