Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress It’s time to move on, on to my own space… where years ago I came from. I’ve been on blogger for some time and even though Blogger is fine platform I still like the idea of controlling everything myself like I used to. So it’s all setup and ready to go, I’m … Read moreGoodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

Citrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack 2.0

Citrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack 2.0 At Citrix summit a new version of the Citrix HDX¬†Optimization pack was announced, I heard the news and looked at one of the slide and moved on.. more to life than a 2.0 of something we hardly used. Well today I decided to read up on the pack and … Read moreCitrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack 2.0

ControlUp version 5.0

ControlUp version 5.0 ControlUp released a new version in January, version 5.0. ControlUp is a company that has been growing their product over the years from a nice tool to a complete solution for monitoring and management. It’s hard to compare them to other monitoring solutions as ControlUp with others as they offers management together … Read moreControlUp version 5.0

eG Innovations – Citrix improvements

eG Innovations – Citrix improvements Boy have I been overdue with this blog, I’m sure it is over a month that I gotten the information about an upcoming change with eG Enterprise. At first I couldn’t share the information, NDA and so on, but after that ship sailed I kind got busy with other things… … Read moreeG Innovations – Citrix improvements

VMware Horizon 7 – announcements

VMware Horizon 7 – announcements – part1 VMware announced Horizon 7 today, it will be released Q1. In this article I walk you through the major changes from the last version.  This is part 1, part 2 has more announcements Let me start by making a list of topics; CloudPod architecture Instant clones Smart policies SSO … Read moreVMware Horizon 7 – announcements